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Stevens County adopted the Colville Watershed Management Plan in November 2004 and began Phase 4 implementation within four months.  The planning group completed their detailed implementation plan in March 2006.  An important implementation activity is to conduct further stream flow studies to support modifying the existing stream closures in the watershed.  The plan also recommended hiring a Watermaster and performing a detailed ground water study.

Instream flow status

Instream flows and stream closures were set in 1977 (Chapter 173-559 WAC). The detailed implementation plan calls for further flow studies to support possible opening of some of the closures. Ecology, along with the State Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Spokane Tribe of Indians, and the planning group,  gathered flow and habitat data throughout the basin in 2006. The planning group collected more data in the fall of 2008 and instream flow negotiations are ongoing.

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Plan Website - Stevens County, Washington, WRIA 59

WRIA 59 Status

  • Optional elements: water quality.
  • Currently in Phase 4: Implementation.