Water Supply Bulletins

The Washington State Water Supply Bulletin series is a valuable collection of reports presenting information about the state's freshwater resources. The bulletins, many of which were authored by U.S. Geological Survey researchers in cooperation with the state, include data on conditions in Washington as far back as 1878. Intact hard copies of these documents have been getting more difficult to find over time, so the bulletins have been scanned into PDF format for easy access.

The Water Supply Bulletins have been subdivided into five major topic areas:

Geology and Groundwater Resources
Hydrologic Systems

At the top of each of these subject pages you'll see a state map. Click the corresponding bulletin number for the study area you're interested in to see the bulletin title. Click that title to see short descriptions of the bulletins and further links to the summaries and reports. Alternatively, you can choose a bulletin from an Indexed Bulletin List.

For more information about the Environmental Assessment Program groundwater team activities, please see Groundwater Assessment in Washington State.