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The Quick Chemical Assessment Tool (QCAT) is a simplified assessment tool used to evaluate hazards associated with alternatives to toxic chemicals.  Ecology developed the QCAT to help small and medium businesses who are concerned about the alternative assessment process.  It is not intended as a replacement for more thorough assessment methods like the GreenScreenTM but as an introduction to the hazard assessment process. 

The QCAT is based upon the GreenScreenTM methodology.  It is neither as complete nor as complicated as the GreenScreenTM.  The QCAT user should understand that a QCAT assessment is not as thorough an evaluation of the hazards posed by alternatives to a toxic chemical as the GreenScreenTM method; however, if a chemical is found to be a poor alternative using the QCAT methodology, it will also be rejected by the GreenScreenTM methodology.  There remains a chance that a chemical not rejected by QCAT could still prove to be unsatisfactory if a more complete review is done using methods like the GreenScreenTM.  QCAT does show the benefits of conducting a hazard assessment and provides a good introduction to the hazard assessment process.

The QCAT includes detailed information on where to find data and how to interpret what is found.  It includes screen shots of many of the sources with detailed instructions on how to access pertinent information.  For this reason, the QCAT is large and detailed.  A copy of QCAT can be found here

It is recommended that the results of a QCAT assessment be reported in an approved format. A blank copy of the approved format can be found here while a completed example can be found here.