Boeing Fabrication Auburn Plant

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Boeing’s facility is located at 700 15th Street SW, Auburn, Washington. The plant produces parts, tools, and assemblies for commercial aircraft. This production process generates dangerous waste. In the past, Boeing treated, stored, or disposed of this dangerous waste at the Boeing Auburn site. The federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requires a permit for these activities. In 1987, Ecology issued a state dangerous waste permit to Boeing – which also covers the RCRA requirements – for the Boeing Auburn facility.

Today, Boeing continues to generate and manage dangerous waste at Boeing Auburn, but discontinued treating, storing, or disposing of it there. As a result, the permit was modified and re-issued in 2006. The modified permit requires Boeing to complete a cleanup of the site, which may extend beyond the plant property boundaries. Such cleanups are called "RCRA Corrective Action."

In addition to RCRA, Boeing's cleanup process must follow the Washington State Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) cleanup regulations. Click here for more information about the cleanup process on the Boeing Auburn site.

To date, Boeing has implemented all Remedial Investigation work plans as requested and approved by Ecology.