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The Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) oversees the cleanup process that the Boeing Company (Boeing) is conducting. The first phase of Ecology’s four-part cleanup process is called the Remedial Investigation (RI). The RI, which began in 2002, has evaluated the location, size and impacts of underground contamination that extends more than a mile north and northwest of Boeing’s property.

Draft Remedial Investigation (RI) Report

The Draft RI Report uses the findings from the entire investigation to define the nature, extent, and magnitude of the contamination in order to identify the best methods for cleanup. For more information about the Draft RI Report you can:

What's New - September 2017

Read Ecology’s response to public comments about Remedial Investigation.

Ecology held two public events to inform the public about results and get comments about the investigation for contamination in groundwater. These were both held at ALPAC Elementary in Algona, WA on March 23 (Open House) and April 25 (Public Hearing). During the March 8 – May 8 Public Comment Period, the public was also able to submit comments on an Online Open House.

Ecology received a few more than 30 questions and comments. You can read the comments, questions and our responses in the Responsiveness Summary (RS). We distributed the RS to all who submitted comments.

Below is a list with links to the Responsiveness Summary, and other information about the Remedial Investigation.

You can also find the Responsiveness Summary at the local libraries in Auburn and Algona.

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