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Boeing Fabrication Auburn Plant

Remedial Investigation

Since the 1990s, the site has undergone ongoing monitoring. The results were shared with the public as they became available as part of a multi-year study, called the Remedial Investigation (RI). These findings are posted below.

Draft Remedial Investigation (RI) Report

The Draft RI Report uses the findings from the entire investigation to define the nature, extent, and magnitude of the contamination in order to identify the best methods for cleanup. For more information about the Draft RI Report you can:

Water Table Results   en español

To date, the most widespread detections of the chemicals are not found in the water table. (Most of the detections were found in the intermediate zone at 40-60 feet below the ground surface.) That means that it is unlikely that the chemicals can affect air quality (by vapor intrusion) because they must first be present at the water table. Sampling of the water table in commercial and residential areas indicated that much of Auburn and Algona are not at risk for vapor intrusion.

Boeing's contractors used direct push drilling wells to sample in the water table during the Remediation Investigation. Below is information about the depths where sampling was done including the water table.

  1. Water table
  2. Shallow groundwater (0-35 feet)
  3. Intermediate groundwater (35-75 feet)
  4. Deep groundwater (75-100 feet)


The following maps provide more information about the most recent water table sampling locations and results for vinyl chloride and TCE: