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Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction

Household Preparation

Flood and Storm Preparation for Households

Your home and property can be flooded by natural or human-caused events even if you don’t live in a flood plain. During a flood, hazardous materials can escape into floodwaters, damage your home, threaten your family’s health, and harm the environment.

Act now to prepare your home!

  1. Know what hazardous products are in your home.
  2. Clear out household hazardous products.
  3. Store household hazardous products properly.
  4. Have an emergency plan.

Household Preparation
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Flood Watches and Flood Warnings

A Flood Watch is meant to alert residents that floods are a possibility for their area.

A Flood Warning means that flooding is either happening or about to happen in a certain area. Be prepared to evacuate and move to higher ground. To hear flood watches and warnings, tune in to Washington’s Emergency Alert System (EAS) radio and television stations for instructions. Find an EAS-participating station near you, arranged alphabetically by city/town.

Here are some other useful flood/disaster preparedness websites: