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TurboPlan is an Internet system for Washington State pollution prevention planners to submit their plans. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It was introduced for use starting with plans and annual progress reports due September 1, 2012. Planners can use it to report progress on their efforts to reduce dangerous waste generation and hazardous substance use. It also displays charts summarizing trends over time.

New Users:

  1. You must have a personal identification number (PIN) to use TurboPlan. To get a PIN:
    1. Contact the Ecology staff person assigned to your facility. To find out who that is, call or e-mail your regional Ecology office.
    2. By e-mail.
    3. Call Ecology at 360-407-6700.
  2. Get an account on the Secure Access Washington site. The SAW Web site has instructions on how to do this or you can watch a short video.
  3. Register for the TurboPlan service on the Secure Access Washington site.

Existing Users: