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TurboPlan Data and Graphs


Important Reminders

  • Not every facility will have a data table or graph. Interrelated facilities will not be able to view individual facility data.
  • Unselect a checkbox and click [Update Graph] to remove that data point or line from the graph. The graph will automatically rescale to fit the data displayed. Reselect the checkbox and click [Update Graph] to restore the data point or line.

Products Graph and Table

This graph shows the pounds of each product used at your facility. Hover over a data point to see which product graph line you are observing.

Products graph and table.

Hazardous Ingredients Graph and Table

This graph shows the pounds of hazardous ingredients, listed by CAS (Chemical Abstract Service) number, used at your facility. If an ingredient is used in multiple products, the total pounds of the ingredient used is summed based on the percentage of the ingredient and the total pounds of the product used in the year.

Hazardous ingredients graph and table.

TurboWaste Table

TurboPlan v2 does not currently have a graph of the dangerous waste reported from your facility in Ecology’s TurboWaste data system. The data in the TurboWaste table will aggregate across years if the waste streams had an identical profile code.