HWTR Pollution Prevention

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TurboPlan Navigation

This section explains how to move through your plan and save your work when using TurboPlan.


You can click the logout link to end your TurboPlan and SAW session.

Plan List

The Plan List shows all the facilities you are able to access.


The link will open another browser window or tab to show all the data tables and graphs. There are graphs and tables for Products Used, Hazardous Ingredients, and TRI. TurboWaste data is only displayed in data table format at this time. Interrelated Facilities currently cannot see graphs for individual facilities.

Print Plan

The link will open another browser window or tab to show a printable version of the plan.


This pull-down menu allows you to change the number of years of data displayed. You can choose between viewing the current year, up to ten years, or all reported data that has been loaded into TurboPlan.

Active/Inactive Status

This pull-down menu allows you to display only active elements of the plan or all active and inactive elements. If you are viewing active elements only, an inactive Process/Product/Opportunity/Environmental Effect is hidden from view.


Clicking the validate button provides links to sections in the plan with missing data. All blanks must be filled in. Once in Edit mode, the field with missing data will be highlighted yellow. Once all elements are completed, a button will show up for you to [Send the Plan to Ecology].


You may need to enter [Edit] mode to add data or make changes. There is no auto save function. You must click [Save] or [Update] to save changes. Click [Cancel] to exit edit mode without making changes.


If two parties are entering data on the same page at the same time, the last party to save that page overwrites any previous changes without warning. If two parties are on separate pages, they can both save and their changes will be saved.