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TurboPlan Opportunities and Environmental Effects

This page describes opportunities at your facility that target hazardous substances, hazardous waste, or increase recycling or treatment.

Adding a New Opportunity

An opportunity is an idea or plan to evaluate acceptable alternatives for hazardous substances used, to reduce hazardous substances used, and/or to reduce wastes generated. Ecology staff can suggest many opportunities.

  • Name: Give the new opportunity a descriptive name. Example: Using an in-house still for recycling paint waste.
  • Description: Briefly describe the opportunity.
  • Is Successful?: Check this box if the opportunity has been successfully implemented. Once created, you can edit an opportunity’s name, description, and status by clicking the [Edit] next to the opportunity’s name.
  • Adding new Opportunities.
  • Opportunities and environmental effects can be deleted within their respective [Edit] pages by clicking
    the red The red X! icon. Be careful! Once deleted, an opportunity cannot be recovered.
  • Opportunity red X detail.
  • Active: Check this box if you are currently researching or implementing the opportunity. Uncheck this box if the opportunity is fully implemented or not feasible.

Yearly Observations

Yearly observations describe the results, challenges, and status of the opportunity during each marked year. You can edit the current and previous years’ observations by clicking [Edit].

Opportunity observations.

Environmental Effects

An environmental effect tracks how an opportunity affects a business or the environment. It should measure what actually happened the previous year. You may track usage as well as reductions. Example: Acetone Used (lbs). Estimates are acceptable.

Environmental Effects.

Adding a New Environmental Effect

To add a new Environmental Effect, click [Add]. If you do not find an appropriate environmental effect in the drop down list, you may create a new one. You will need to name the effect (e.g., Hazardous Waste Reduced), and identify a unit of measure (e.g., lbs). Environmental Effects that you have previously created will show up in the drop down list.

Adding a new Environmental Effect.

Editing an Environmental Effect

To edit a current Environmental Effect, click [Edit]. Under the Environmental Effects Edit screen, you can change the name and yearly amounts of each effect.

  • Like Processes, Products, and Opportunities, you can mark Environmental Effects as Active if they are still being tracked.
  • You can delete an Environmental Effect by clicking the red X icon. Be careful! Once deleted, an Environmental Effect cannot be recovered.

Editing an Environmental Effect.