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Important Reminders

  • Each plan must have a primary and billing contact. One may assign multiple roles to one staff member.
  • Remember to click [Save] or [Update] after adding or editing information. TurboPlan doesn’t automatically save your work.
  • Use the History drop down list in the left navigation bar to view previously reported data.
  • Use the Active/Inactive pull-down list to switch between viewing only Active elements or both Active and Inactive elements.

TurboPlan Home is the landing page when your document opens.

TurboPlan Home landing page.

Facility name, address, ID, and NAICS: Facility-specific information provided in other reports: TurboWaste or the Toxic Release Inventory program. If information is incorrect, contact your Ecology staff member to request changes.

Facility Status with respect to Pollution Prevention Planning: Facilities that trigger Pollution Prevention Planning requirements by producing more than 2,640 pounds total of dangerous waste per calendar year (see your TurboWaste total) or report hazardous substances on the Toxic Release Inventory annual report.

  • Regular Planner: represents an active planning facility that submits reports annually.
  • IRF Parent: represents an active group of interrelated facilities that submits reports annually.

Ecology Contact: The Ecology staff assigned to help you develop and maintain your plan and contact information.

Processes/Departments: The Processes/Departments tabs will be present on all page windows as you navigate through your plan. The tabs are links to move to process-specific reporting areas in your plan. The yellow highlighted tab indicates which area you are in. For example, the highlighted Plan Home tab shows that you are on Plan Home. For more information about navigating through the processes go to TurboPlan Process.

Contacts: Each plan must have at least one primary and one billing contact. You may assign multiple roles to one staff member. Click the hyperlinked staff name to edit contact or role information for an individual contact. Click [Show All] to see a complete list of current and former staff. Reminder: always remember to save new or edited information.

Adding planning contacts.

Click [Add] to add new or additional contacts to fill the different roles:

  • Primary contact: Who is the main facility contact if different than the planning contact?
  • Billing contact: To whom should the bill for the pollution prevention planning fee go?
  • Planning contact: Who at your facility will fill out this plan?
  • Site contact: Who is on site, if that’s different than the planning contact?
  • Reminder: One staff person can fill multiple contact roles.

All boxes with red asterisks must be filled before clicking [Save]. The Start Date is the date a contact is first added. An End Date or Inactive Date indicates that staff is no longer a contact due to change in job duties or other. Reminder: if a staff member with a primary or billing role becomes inactive, you need to re-assign the role. Click [Update] to return to Plan Home.

Contact details.

External User List: This lists individuals with your business that have a SAW account with access to TurboPlan for your facility. Most facilities will have only one user, but can have more. When you open a SAW account, your SAW user name will automatically be added to the External User list for that facility. Contact Ecology if you already have a SAW account but require access to more facilities or you wish to delete a user.

Plan Status: The plan status helps track the progress of annual reports. The status will automatically change when you save new data or click send.

  • Ready to Enter Plan: indicates that no data has been added for a given year.
  • Entering Plan: indicates that some data has been entered for a given year, but has not been sent to Ecology.
  • Sent Plan to ECY: indicates that a plan passed validation for a given year and was sent to Ecology on the date given. On occasion, Ecology staff may change the status from Sent to Ecology to Entering Plan if they request additional information to complete their review. The plan contact will need to click [Validate] and then click [Send to Ecology] to resend the plan after responding to the request.
  • Approved: indicates that the report for a given year has been reviewed and approved by Ecology staff.

Production Factor: Indicate how busy your facility was during the previous calendar year. When compared from one year to the next, this number should indicate relative production growth within your facility. Ecology uses your production factor to tell when there’s improvement. If your production level doubled but your waste remained the same amount, you have improved.

Production factor.

Click [Edit] to add new data, correct data, or if you want to add a new production factor. If you add a new production factor, you will need to report data for both old and new production factors for the overlap year. Click [Save] to return to Plan Home.

Production factor editing.

Description of Products and Services: Describe what your facility does. You can include a web URL if you have a page on the web. Click [Edit] to add new information or make corrections. Click [Save] to return to Plan Home.

Production factor editing.

NEXT STEPS: After filling in the required data on Plan Home, you may click on the first Process Tab to begin inputting amounts of hazardous substances used and to report on progress with opportunities.

Defining processes or departemts.