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TurboPlan Processes

Important Reminders

  • TurboPlan doesn't automatically save your work so remember to use [Save] before leaving a page.
  • If you are reporting as an Interrelated Facility (IRF), you may choose to create a process for each facility location instead of a manufacturing process.

This page describes how to enter the processes at your facility into TurboPlan. Click the [Add] tab to add a new process. Click the [Edit] link next to the process name to change process information. Click the [Save] link to return to the Process tab.

Process entry.

Process: Name your process.

Type: Choose the type of process that makes sense to you. For example, hospitals divide their activities into departments, such as the operating room or pharmacy. Facility-wide means activities that encompass the entire facility, such as energy use or inventory improvements. Process often means an activity in a series of manufacturing steps, such as painting, welding, or shipping.

Active: Check the box if this process is currently in use. Uncheck the box if the process is Inactive. To view inactive elements, select [Active/Inactive] from the pull-down menu on the left.

Process history.

The inactive process and opportunity tabs will have this notation:

Inactive process and opportunity tabs.

Process/Departments Description: Write a brief description of the process.