HWTR Pollution Prevention

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Special Cases in Planning

Interrelated Facilities

If you have multiple facilities required to submit a plan, you may be able to develop a single plan and pay a single fee. Check the following criteria and contact your Ecology staff member if you believe you are eligible:

  • Are the facilities owned or operated by the same person/company/agency?
  • Are a majority of the processes similar? For example, are the processes:
    • Essentially interchangeable?
    • Using similar equipment and materials?
    • Producing similar products or services?
    • Generating similar hazardous waste?

Research Labs

A research lab is defined as a facility that performs the majority of its work in an experimental or investigative capacity. Because its work is normally unique in nature, a research lab’s use of hazardous substances and hazardous waste generation is not predictable.

Research labs may develop a more general plan than other facilities. It will consist of policies and procedures for personnel using hazardous substances or generating hazardous waste through laboratory research. The plan must address how toxic chemical use and generated wastes are minimized. Please contact your Ecology staff member if you have questions.