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Pollution Prevention Resources for Schools and Laboratories

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The Washington State Department of Ecology is working with businesses, including schools and laboratories, to find safer alternatives to reduce, or even eliminate the use of toxic metals. This effort focuses first on mercury, lead, and cadmium, although we recognize other metals are also toxic.

Below is a link to preferred alternatives and best management practices that can be used to reduce and prevent toxic wastes in departments and classes in universities, colleges, and vocational schools.

Resources below identify methods of reducing the use of toxic metals, reducing the volume of waste generated, or removing the metals altogether. The information is not all-inclusive, but introduces paths and contacts about successful opportunities implemented by others in the field of analytical laboratories.

Within each category, resources are listed alphabetically. Some resources are cross- referenced because they apply to multiple categories. Federal, state, and local regulations still apply. We recommend coordinating with the appropriate regulatory agency if you have questions about making changes at your facility. For follow-up questions and non-enforcement technical assistance, please contact Ecology's pollution prevention planning staff.

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