Pollution Prevention for Aerospace and Aircraft

Aircraft manufacturers are reducing material inputs, re-engineering processes to reuse by-products, improving management practices, and substituting toxic chemicals with safer alternatives. Responsible manufacturing reduces health risks for our working families.

Top Pollution Prevention Tips for Electroplaters and Metal Finishers from Ecology's Toxics Reduction Specialists.

Pollution Prevention for Painting and Coatings.

Pollution Prevention for Military/Federal Facilities.

Manage Waste for Aerospace/Aircraft Facilities tells what aerospace facilities need to know for waste-management compliance.

Metal Machining Sector Pollution Prevention Assessment and Guidance Ecology publication #99-412.

Pollution Prevention Resources

The Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) Topic Hubs™ include background information, pollution prevention opportunities, reasons for change, where to go for help, and links to more information about this sector and more.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Compliance Assistance Centers provide an overview of applicable regulations and other relevant environmental information for a variety of sectors, including Air Transportation.

National Metal Finishing Resource Center is a National Compliance Assistance Center jointly funded by the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology and EPA.