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Pollution Prevention Success Stories

Learn how companies save money and improve worker safety when they take action on pollution prevention.


Featured Success

Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) reduces ammonia releases, saves resources and money

SPI reduces ammonia emissions at its Aberdeen plant by 75 percent after installing real-time monitoring equipment.


Craft Brew Alliance (CBA) had a goal: produce better beer with a better bottom line
CBA asked Ecology’s Technical Resources for Engineering Efficiency (TREE) team to find ways to cut waste and increase efficiency - with impressive results.

Janicki Industries cut their dangerous waste by 20,000 pounds and saved $50,000
They also made their shops safer for their workers!

IDEX Goes from Large to Small Generator and $aves Thousands
How accurate waste designation saved IDEX more than $4000 annually.

Moses Lake Industries Saves Millions by Shrinking Waste
Moses Lake Industries achieved several million dollars in savings through waste reduction, on-site treatment, recycling, water reuse, and efficiency improvements.

MicroConnex Finds $47,000 in Savings
This Snoqualmie circuit manufacturer cut costs and boosted profits by improving wastewater treatment, recycling valuable metals, and better tracking of chemical use.

Lean and Green Saves Heath Tecna $125,000
Heath Tecna, Inc., a Bellingham maker of airplane interiors, eliminated 18,000 pounds of dangerous waste and cut their use of toxic materials by 400 pounds per year.

Liberty Bottleworks Earns Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Award
This Yakima area company earned the 2013 Most Valuable Pollution Prevention (MVP2) award for zero waste manufacturing in producing the first 100% Made in the USA recyclable metal water bottle.

Huntwood Industries Saves over $300,000 Annually with P2
Spokane area cabinet maker Huntwood Industries saved money, reduced water use, and cut waste through their P2 efforts.

Waste Goes Down, Profits Go Up at WaferTech
WaferTech, LLC reduced their dangerous waste by more than 77% while increasing production.

NIC Global Finds $150,000 in Annual Savings by Reducing Waste
Strategic pollution prevention efforts at NIC Global’s Woodinville plant yield a “cascade” of savings.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Saves CellNetix $180,000 Annually
CellNetix, a pathology laboratory in Seattle, says you can “find solutions that are socially and ethically responsible and save money by doing so.”

Lean and Environment Cuts Kärcher Plant Stoppages by 95%
Kärcher makes industrial, commercial, and household washers. The Camas facility cut work stoppages on its metal paint line by 95 percent and reduced its annual natural gas use by 10 percent.

Impact Washington Partnership Helps SunOpta Save Nearly $100,000 per Year
SunOpta, a food processor in Omak, reduced electricity costs and cut waste through more efficient use of cold storage space, recycling pallets, reducing waste, and using efficient air hand dryers.

Accra-Fab Saves $179,000, Reduces Chemical Use by 50% While Increasing Production
See the video! Accra-Fab, Inc., a metal fabrication company in Liberty Lake, partnered with Impact Washington to reduce acidic wastewater, free floor space, and increase production capacity. 

Decagon Devices Collaborates with Impact Washington to Eliminate Lead
Pullman’s Decagon Devices began a two-year project to stop using lead, increase machine stenciling quality, and increase sales.

Artisan Finishing Systems Reduces Environmental Impact Without Sacrificing Quality
Artisan Finishing Systems in Marysville reduces paint and water use, saves energy, and encourages customers to choose environmentally friendly coating materials. 

Crown Beverage Packaging Reduces Hazardous Waste
This Olympia manufacturing facility reduced its use of hazardous substances and cut the amount of hazardous waste generated by 70%.