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Artisan Finishing Systems

Cutting waste, saving water and energy, to create an environmentally superior product

Artisan Finishing Systems, in Marysville, applies exterior architectural coatings to aluminum materials. Their approach is to seek continuous improvement in all processes including metal preparation, painting, and facility management. Artisan consistently makes business decisions which have positive results for the environment, without sacrificing product quality or their bottom line.

Artisan educates their customers – as early as 1998 they began encouraging customers to choose environmentally friendly exterior coating materials, where possible. The “environmentally preferable” products have higher content of solids in the paint, which result in lower volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). VOC’s are greenhouse gases that pollute the air and contribute to climate change. These paints also are high performance which means no re-coating is required. The spread rate is increased - which means 50% less paint used and 50% less solvent required to reduce the paint.

Artisan also reduced the amount of water needed in their production. They use a custom designed metal preparation process which relies heavily on recycled process wastewaters. This system has saved over 75,000 gallons of water per day, since it came on-line in 2004.

Artisan Finishing Systems was sold to new owners five years ago. P2 opportunities implemented by the previous owners are being carried out by the current owners. Current owner Wally Thomas has implemented energy conservation efforts for compressors and lighting.

Significant energy savings were achieved by adding a new compressor system in 2006 and a new lighting system in 2007. This resulted in 138,586 kWh saved per year - enough electricity to power 13 homes (according to US Dept. of Energy). http://www.artisanfinishingsystems.com/

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