Picture taken by Kim Clark, 2009

Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction

Toxics Reduction Advisory Committee (TRAC)

What was Toxics Reduction Advisory Committee?

In 2008 the Washington State Legislature included a "proviso" in its supplemental budget calling for formation of a stakeholder advisory committee to submit a report on the following tasks:

  • Review and develop recommendations to help businesses achieve a goal of reducing use of toxic substances by 50 percent;
  • Review and make recommendations to improve the effectiveness and delivery of technical assistance in pollution prevention planning;
  • Develop recommendations for strategies to encourage moving away from "end-of-pipe" pollution reduction approaches to increase hazardous waste prevention throughout the state; and
  • Review and make recommendations on revising the hazardous waste planning fee under RCW 70.95E.030, including opportunities to provide incentives that reward businesses for toxic use reduction successes in meeting a 50 percent toxics use reduction goal.

The Committee's final report was published in December of 2008. It can accessed here: Final Report.

Contact Information

For more information about this advisory committee or obtaining meeting summaries contact: Tom Boucher, phone: (360) 407-6462, e-mail: tbou461@ecy.wa.gov