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Manage Waste for Aerospace/Aircraft Facilities

Aerospace facilities regularly generate dangerous wastes.  Manufacturing aircraft, aircraft engines, aircraft parts, guided missiles and space vehicles, and guided missile and space-vehicle-propulsion units and parts can produce waste paint and solvent, toxic sludges, and hazardous dusts. 

Common Wastes

Identify Common Wastes in Aerospace Facilities discusses items and substances that may be dangerous.

If improperly managed, these wastes may threaten the safety of you, your workers, the community and the environment. More information may be available by examining the sections on Metal Finishing and Electronics.

Top Compliance Issues and More

Four compliance issues are the most commonly found during inspections:

  1. Container Management covers containers and storage.
  2. Labeling is easy but is sometimes overlooked.
  3. Accumulation discusses how long one may keep waste.
  4. Recordkeeping tells what information must be on hand.

Pollution Prevention for Aerospace / Aircraft Facilities  gives tips on how to reduce waste.

Transport and Ship Dangerous Waste explains about manifests and packing.

Plan for Dangerous Waste Emergencies addresses business requirements for planning.

Spills addresses prevention, clean up and reporting.

Tutorials and Trainings for Dangerous Waste Generators links to available resources including a PowerPoint slide show that covers the basics of dangerous waste management.

Related information

Metal Machining Sector Pollution Prevention Assessment and Guidance  is an Ecology publication for metal workers.

National Metal Finishing Resource Center is a National Compliance Assistance Center jointly funded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Aerospace Sector - EPA's Compliance Assistance website for Aerospace.

Profile of the Air Transportation Industry  is an EPA sector notebook.

General Requirements for Managing Waste

explains the basics of what dangerous waste generators need to know.

Pollution Prevention for Aerospace/ Aircraft Facilities

offers ways to save money and do your part for the environment.