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Manage Waste for Auto Body/Collision Repair

Common Compliance Issues for Collision-repair Shops

Common Dangerous Materials in Collision-repair Shops discusses items and substances that may be dangerous.

The four compliance issues most commonly found during inspections:

  1. Container Management covers containers and storage.
  2. Labeling is easy but can be overlooked sometimes.
  3. Accumulation discusses how long one may keep waste.
  4. Recordkeeping tells what information must be on hand.

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Auto Body Rule Tool developed by an interagency workgroup and funded by the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County.  Take a tour through a virtual auto body shop and discover the primary air, water, hazardous waste, safety and fire rules for compliance.

Weekly Facility/Hazardous Waste Inspection Checklist is a guide from the Auto Body Pilot Technical Assistance Manual.

Shop Guide for Dangerous Waste Management is an Ecology publication and guide to handling many types of common shop wastes.

General Requirements for Managing Waste

explains the basics of what dangerous waste generators need to know.

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