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Manage Waste for Federal/Military Facilities

Federal facilities in Washington include military bases and an energy facility.

More information may be available by examining the sections on Metal Finishing and Electronics.

Identify Waste in Federal/ Military Facilities discusses items and substances that may be dangerous.

The four compliance issues most commonly found during inspections:

  1. Container Management covers containers and storage.
  2. Labeling is easy but is sometimes overlooked.
  3. Accumulation discusses how long one may keep waste.
  4. Recordkeeping tells what information must be on hand.

Pollution Pollution for Federal and Military Facilities

Practice Pollution Prevention for Aerospace

Related information

Environmental Management at Washington State National Security Facilities is an Ecology publication from 2000 that reports on the status of those facilities through 1999. It also offers Pollution Prevention tips. 

FedCenter is the Compliance Assistance Center for federal facilities, a joint initiative of EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA), the Army Corps of Engineers' Construction Engineering Research Laboratory and the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive.

Profile of Federal Facilities Environmental Protection Agency sector notebook

Profile of Tribal Government Operations Environmental Protection Agency sector notebook

Defense Environmental Network & Information eXchange (DENIX) electronic environmental bulletin board accessible throughout the Department of Defense (DoD) that gives DoD environmental, safety, and occupational health managers a central communications platform to gain timely access to vital environmental information.

PRO-ACT offers environmental research services to the U.S. Air Force.

Property Managers Problem Waste Fact Sheets is an Ecology publication for facilities and property managers.

The Border Center, Chemical Import-Export Issues is a Compliance Assistance Center operated by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences.

General Requirements for Managing Waste

explains the basics of what dangerous waste generators need to know.

Pollution Prevention by Business Type

Pollution Pollution for Federal and Military Facilities