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Manage Waste for Garment Care/ Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaners prevent waste by conserving clothing. However, many solvents and other chemicals can pollute or produce dangerous waste. Careful management of these wastes is essential.

Common Wastes in Dry Cleaning Operations may help you to identify wastes that can be dangerous.

Pollution Prevention for Dry Cleaners/ Garment Care tells how to slow down or stop dangerous waste generation.

Compliance Considerations for Dry Cleaners

Label Dangerous Waste discusses requirements and offers free labels for download.

Appropriate Containers for Dangerous Waste discusses proper containers and container management.

Keep Good Records describes which records inspectors will expect.

Tutorials and Trainings for Dangerous Waste Generators links to available resources including a PowerPoint slide show that covers the basics of dangerous waste management.

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General Requirements for Managing Waste

explains the basics of what dangerous waste generators need to know.

Pollution Prevention by Business Type

offers ways to save money and do your part for the environment.