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Manage Waste for Electroplating/ Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing shops regularly generate hazardous wastes. Surface preparation, parts cleaning, plating, anodizing, chemical conversion coating, mechanical finishing, painting and etching can generate toxics baths and sludges that must be handled responsibly for safety.

Common Wastes in Metal Finishing and Electroplating Shops

Pollution Pollution for Electroplating and Metal Finishing

Label Dangerous Waste discusses requirements and offers free labels for download.

Appropriate Containers for Dangerous Waste discusses proper containers and container management.

Storage and Accumulation has more about regular accumulation limits.

Satellite Accumulation Areas allow for temporary storage of dangerous waste near a processing area.

Dispose or Recycle properly.

Keep Good Records describes which records inspectors will expect.

Transport and Ship Dangerous Waste explains about manifests and packing.

Plan for Dangerous Waste Emergencies addresses business requirements for planning.

Spills addresses prevention, clean up and reporting.

Tutorials and Trainings for Dangerous Waste Generators links to available resources including a PowerPoint slide show that covers the basics of dangerous waste management.



General Requirements for Managing Waste

explains the basics of what dangerous waste generators need to know.

Pollution Prevention by Business Type

offers ways to save money and do your part for the environment.