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Boeing Fabrication Auburn Plant

Interim Action   en español

Sometimes Ecology may require a partial cleanup (called an Interim Action) of a site to reduce potential impacts to human health or the environment from unsafe concentrations of a hazardous substance. Ecology seeks public comment on proposed Interim Action plans before authorizing the work.

During the groundwater investigation, high levels of contamination were found on the Boeing property (located in Building #17-05). Ecology required an Interim Action using bioremediation to lower TCE concentrations below state cleanup levels. This Interim Action will not be the final cleanup. For more information on the results, visit the Interim Action Results page.

To date, the chemicals found off of the Boeing property are at low levels that are not expected to pose a risk to human health and the environment. If chemicals are found to be an immediate risk, Ecology will direct Boeing to implement Interim Action to reduce risk.

For more information on the results to date, visit the Maps and Results page.