Boeing Fabrication Auburn Plant

Map showing plume.
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Remedial Investigation

Since the 1990s, the site has undergone ongoing monitoring. The results were shared with the public as they became available as part of a multi-year study, called the Remedial Investigation (RI).These findings are posted below.

Draft Remedial Investigation Report

The draft RI Report is now available for public comment. The draft RI Report uses findings from the entire investigation to define the nature, extent, and magnitude of contamination at a site in order to identify the best method for cleanup. For findings from the report, please visit the Draft RI Report page.

To date, the chemicals found at the site are at low levels that are not expected to pose a risk to human health and the environment. If chemicals are found to be an immediate risk, Ecology will direct Boeing to implement Interim Action to reduce risk.

For more information about the Interim Action that took place on the Boeing property, click here.

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