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Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction

Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction Program

Map of WA regional Ecology offices: Southwest 360-407-6300, Northwest 425-649-7000, Central 509-575-2490, Eastern 509-329-3400

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Compliance with Dangerous Waste Regulations
Call your regional office and ask to speak with a dangerous waste inspector.
Dangerous Waste Annual Reporting
If you have questions about Dangerous Waste Annual Reports, TurboWaste, or getting a RCRA site ID number, call 1-800-874-2022.
Hazardous Substance Information

Call the Hazardous Substance Information and Education Office at 1-800-633-7585 with questions about:

Hazardous Waste Fees

Local Source Control
Contact a pollution prevention specialist with your community's Local Source Control program. The Local Source Control Partnership currently serves communities in the Puget Sound region and the Spokane River Basin.
Permits to Treat, Store, Dispose, Recycle (TSDR)
Only a permitted waste management facility may treat the waste of others or store waste on a long-term basis. For questions on Dangerous Waste Permits, contact Pallavi Mukerjee at 360-407-7018.

Pollution Prevention (P2)

  • Call your regional office to find out which toxics reduction specialist is assigned to your facility.
  • P2 for specific business sectors—our toxics reduction specialists have expertise in many areas. Ask for help with your issue.


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Directory of building locations and mailing addresses


360-407-6000 (voice)
711 (relay service)
1-800-833-6388 (TTY)

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