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Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction

Permits and Dangerous Waste Management Facility Cleanups (Corrective Action)

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Washington State has 30 facilities that treat, store, or dispose of dangerous waste. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Corrective Action Program requires these facilities to investigate and clean up any waste spilled or dumped into the environment.

The Department of Ecology or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) oversees these cleanups in Washington. Cleanup planning begins with investigating the site to determine the scope of the problem. Cleanup options are then studied, and a report is prepared - often referred to as an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Most corrective action sites in Washington are large and complex. Facilities often have multiple sources of contaminants that have reached soil and groundwater. Some sites have more than one responsible party. In some cases, it may take decades to complete cleanup because of the technical and legal complexity. For example one of the most time-consuming and expensive cleanups in Washington is the Hanford Nuclear Site.

For more information, see EPA’s RCRA Corrective Action: Case Studies Report.

Or visit these links on Ecology’s website:

Dangerous Waste Cleanup Sites (Corrective Action)

Burlington Environmental LLC Kent

BSB Diversified Co. Inc

Boeing Kent Space Center

Burlington Environmental LLC Washougal

Cascade Pole and Lumber

Boeing Everett

Burlington Environmental LLC Tacoma

BP Cherry Point Refinery

Boeing Development Center

Burlington Environmental LLC Georgetown

Bay Zinc Co Inc

Boeing Renton

Fuel Processors, Inc

Cameron Yakima

Boeing Fabrication Auburn Site

Clean Care Corporation

Columbia Gorge Aluminum

Conoco-Phillips 66 (Tosco) Refinery

Emerald Kalama Chemical LLC

US Army Fort Lewis

PRS Inc.

SSA Containers

General Electric

International Paper


Occidental Chemical

Univar USA Inc

Port of Seattle Terminal 91

Shell OPUS Puget Sound Refinery

US DOE BPA Ross Complex

Schwerin Concaves

US Army Yakima Training Center

UW Tacoma Branch Campus

Tesoro Refining and Marketing Company

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