Rules for Used Oil Processors and Re-refiners

Used Oil Processors and Re-refiners provide a valuable service for waste reduction.  However, poorly handled used oil can harm the environment, especially water quality.  A Dangerous Waste Permit is NOT required to be a Used Oil Processor, so long as used oil is stored on site for less than 90 days prior to entering an active recycling process and so long as other Best Management Practices are followed.  Processing  used oil includes, but is not limited to, blending, filtration, distillation, chemical or physical separation, and re-refining.

Prior to accepting used oil shipments, check the total halogen content of the used oil chemical testing. If over 1,000 parts per million (ppm) it is assumed to be mixed with dangerous waste and is waste oil.  Develop a written waste-analysis plan.

Used Oil and Dangerous Waste Oil describes the difference between used oil and waste oil, legal burning in space heaters and more.

A Dangerous Waste Permit is required for storage longer than 90 days.

A Notification of Dangerous Waste Activities (RCRA Site ID#) is required to process used oil.

Used Oil Processors must notify Ecology that they are processing Used Oil. Also, the business must make prior arrangements with local authorities for potential need of their services (i.e., police and fire departments, emergency response teams, etc.). 

Used Oil Processors, as conditionally exempt recyclers, must follow the requirements of a large quantity generator, including written emergency planning. Processors may be subject to additional reporting regarding the integrity of structures and equipment used to store used oil.


Used Oil Filters:  Adobe File / Picture / Spanish ( Regs)  

Used Oil for Recycle:  Adobe File / Picture / Spanish ( Help)

For questions for used oil processors contact Thomas Cusack  at (360) 407-6755.

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