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Solvents are an important category of product and waste due to their toxicity, their volatility, and for their usefulness across many industries.  More and more businesses are learning how to use less solvent, often less-toxic solvent, and to use it up before recycling.  On-site recycling stills are becoming more common, and vendors will commonly collect spent solvent to recycle. 

Special Compliance Considerations for Solvents tells you more about managing solvents and spent solvent.

Less-toxic Alternatives for Dangerous Solvents discusses modern alternatives that may work in your application.

Pollution Prevention Saves Solvents and Money Using less solvent means buying and wasting less.

Solvent Stills Recycle solvent, keep good records, and use safe processes.

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Switching to Aqueous Parts Cleaning is an Ecology publication that discusses aqueous cleaners as a solvent substitute, especially for parts cleaning and surface preparation.  It offers considerations for and optimization tips to make the switch.