Special Compliance Considerations for Dangerous Solvents

Many solvents can explode and burn, and local fire authorities regulate the storage of these.  Since many are toxic and most volatilize quickly to the air, the WA State Department of Labor and Industries and Local Clean Air Agencies monitor businesses that use large amounts of solvents or smaller amounts of especially dangerous types of solvents.

Local Air Agencies usually require a permit to use dangerous solvents.  Many solvents come under Federal Environmental Protection Agency's National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants rules.

Compliance Tips for Solvent Users

Ecology inspectors check your accumulation areas and still, as well as your records.  

Solvent Stills has more information about special counting exemptions for solvent recyclers.

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Pollution Prevention Saves Solvents and Money Solvent-use should follow the reduce, reuse, recycle model.  The less you use, the less you must handle and breathe. 

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