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Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction

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You can view and print the labels in these formats:

    Picture - image file format, such as jpg, gif, or png
    PDF - Adobe Portable Document Format, some have fields you can type into
    Word - Microsoft Word Document, some have fields you can type into

Just print a label and attach it to the container. Most labels don't need to be in color. Laminating or covering the label with clear plastic will make it last longer.

Labeling Requirements

Each container and tank must clearly show:

  1. The words "Dangerous Waste" or "Hazardous Waste."
  2. Risk of the waste, such as Flammable, Corrosive, Toxic, or Reactive.
  3. Accumulation start date. Mark the date on the container the first time waste is added to track how long the waste has been kept on site.

Learn more about labeling requirements here.

Waste Accumulation Labels

These labels meet all three labeling requirements. Click a label to see it in a larger view.





Waste Labels

  Hazardous Waste Shipping Label:  Word / PDF / Picture
  Must be printed in color if used for shipping

  Non-Hazardous Waste: Word / PDF / Picture

Risk Labels

These labeling systems may also be used as risk labels: Department of Transportation (DOT), Globally Harmonized System (GHS), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS). We provide DOT and GHS labels below.

Note: these labels will not meet Washington Dangerous Waste requirements unless the labels include:

  • The risk ("Flammable," "Reactive," "Corrosive," or "Toxic.")
  • The words "Hazardous Waste" or "Dangerous Waste."
  • The Accumulation Date.
Department of Transportation (DOT) Labels

Note: when you ship waste off site, you must also follow DOT labeling requirements. Waste service providers that transport or dispose of waste usually supply these labels.
Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Labels

Note: these labels will not meet Department of Transportation shipping requirements.

Universal Waste Labels

Learn more in the Universal Waste Rule publication.

Universal Waste Batteries:  PDF / Picture



Mercury-containing Equipment:  PDF / Picture



Universal Waste Mercury Thermostats:  PDF / Picture



Universal Waste Lamps:  PDF / Picture



Other Labels

Used Oil Filters:  PDF / Picture


Warning: Used Oil Only in our Recycling Tank:  PDF / Picture /


Spent Antifreeze Only PDF / Picture

Learn more in our Focus on Spent Antifreeze publication.


Contaminated Shop Towels:  PDF / Picture /

Learn more in our Focus: Used Shop Towels publication.

Empty Container:  Word / PDF / Picture

Learn more in our Safe Handling of Empty Containers publication.


Pending Analysis:  Word / PDF / Picture