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Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction

Free Downloadable Hazardous Waste Labels


You can view and print the labels in these formats:

    Picture (jpg)
    Adobe (pdf) - includes form fields for some labels
    Microsoft Word Document (doc) - includes form fields for some labels

Labeling Requirements

While being held on site, each container and tank must have clearly legible and visible marks including (WAC 173-303-200(1)(c),(1)(d)):
  • The date the accumulation started
  • The words "dangerous waste" or "hazardous waste"
  • The major risk(s) associated with the waste in the container or tank - for employees, emergency response personnel, and the public

If a label can not be seen, turn the container so it can.
If it is not legible, get a new one.
Labels don't need to be printed in color (unless indicated otherwise).
Contact Ecology for all labeling requirements (link).

Attaching the Label

Just print a label, and attach it to the container. Laminating or covering the label with clear plastic could help it last longer. You can use magnetic strips to attach labels to metal drums or tape for other types of containers.

Waste Labels

Hazardous Waste Shipping Label: Word / Adobe File / Picture

** Must be printed in color if used for shipping **


Non Hazardous Waste: Word / Adobe File / Picture / Spanish



Hazardous Waste Accumulation: Adobe File


Risk Labels (Regs)

Hazard Class Labels

WA State Toxic: Adobe File / Picture / Spanish


Combustible: Adobe File / Picture


Universal Waste Labels

Universal Waste Batteries:  Adobe File / Picture ( Help)



Mercury-containing equipment:  Adobe File / Picture ( Help)



Universal Waste Mercury Thermostats:  Adobe File / Picture ( Help)



Universal Waste Lamps:  Adobe File / Picture (Help)



Miscellaneous Labels

Empty Container:  Word / Adobe File / Picture / Spanish (Help)



Pending Analysis:  Word / Adobe File / Picture / Spanish



Do not dump Hazardous Materials or Waste into the Sink:  Adobe File / Picture



Laboratory Container Labels:  Adobe File / Excel File



Spanish Labels (link)

Markings posted in other languages will help communicate hazards to employees at a business. In order to comply with regulatory requirements many labels, markings, and placards must be posted in English. Examples that must be in English:
  • "Dangerous Waste" or "Hazardous Waste" labels during accumulation and storage
  • "Danger - Unauthorized Personnel Keep Out" signage at a waste accumulation area
  • Department of Transportation labels, markings, and placards (CFR Title 49-Transportation)

Waste Specific Labels (link)


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