Navy Bangor

US Naval Submarine Base Bangor
Federal Used Oil Processor

Web Site:
Location: 1013 Silversides Rd
Siverdale, WA 98315
RCRA/State ID#: WA5170027291
Owner/Operator: US Navy
Facility Contact: Mark Patterson
Web Site:
Ecology Contact: Lisa Perle
HW Permit: Not Required
Waste Processes: Used oil & oily materials. Heat, chemical and mechanical processing in tank systems.
Used oil transporter and processor
Hazardous waste broker.
Waste Types: This facility accepts used oil only from US Navy vessels and facilities.
Compliance: To find out more information regarding the compliance history on this facility, highlight and copy the RCRA/State ID# (just below the site address), go the EPA Enforcement & Compliance History Online (ECHO) web site. Paste the RCRA/State ID # into the search box and click on the "search" button.