How to Choose a Hazardous Waste or Used Oil Contractor - A Help Guide

Balancing costs and concerns about liability

Your choice of waste management contractor is critical to managing your risk exposure from waste management. As the generator of hazardous waste the liability remains with you or your company from cradle to grave. Balancing costs, liability, and service should be part of your selection process.

The lowest bidder is not always the best choice. Ask yourself, “How is one company able to keep costs lower than another?” It could be that the cheaper choice sacrifices essential services, cuts corners on regulatory compliance, or exposes you to higher risk from liabilities.

Your considerations on cost and service depend on your circumstances, expertise, budget, overhead, and other issues not anticipated here. The simple checklist and the comparison table are provided to help you research and compile information about your choices and begin to consider the hidden costs of your selection.

Only you or your company can decide how much risk and liability is acceptable.