How to Choose a Hazardous Waste or Used Oil Contractor - A Help Guide

Comparison Table for Potential Contractors

Instructions: Use the Simple Checklist to figure out the scores in the cost/service, compliance, and liability categories. The higher scoring contractor is the better candidate in each category. Convert cost quotes from each potential contractor to a common unit cost, like dollars per gallon of waste.  Here is a MS Word document of this checklist.

Potential Contractor Cost/
Unit Cost ($ per
gallon or pound)
How do you grade this company on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being best
Example Comparison:
Waste Knot Want Not, Inc
2 2 1 5 2.25/gallon I rate this company at a 2 due to the liability coverage
Zippy's Speedy Waste Service Co. 3 3 0 6 $1.50/gallon I rate this company at a 1, good price but no liability coverage
ACME Creative Waste Products LTD 2 3 3 8 $2.50/gallon I rate this company at a 4 due to a great compliance record and liability coverage

Evaluation: How you weigh the importance of a high score in each individual category, or a low per-unit cost, is up to you. Use your own judgment in the last column to give the company an overall rating, if that helps you decide Consult additional information on Ecology’s webpage “Balancing cost/service, Compliance, and Liability”.