How to Choose a Hazardous Waste or Used Oil Contractor - A Help Guide

Compliance With Laws and Regulations

Some general questions to help you piece together a compliance picture for Washington State TSDFs, recycling facilities, and used oil processors as potential contractors are provided below. You can check out the list of facilities on this website and find out compliance histories from EPA’s ECHO database.

When was the last compliance inspection conducted at the facility? TSDFs are inspected annually, with the tracking year running from July 1 to June 30. More inspections on record does not mean the facility is seriously out of compliance. For example, some inspections take place over more than one day to complete an evaluation, so multiple days may be recorded.

Was the facility cited for any violations of the hazardous waste regulations? Do the violations cited seem serious to you?

Has Ecology or EPA classified the facility as a Significant Non-Complier (SNC) or High-Priority Violator (HPV)? This classification is provided by EPA’s ECHO database.

Are there any unresolved penalties or enforcement actions?

What are serious violations?

Costs and Services
Financial Assurance