How to Choose a Hazardous Waste or Used Oil Contractor - A Help Guide

Compliance Continued... What are serious violations

It is common for facilities to be cited for violations following inspections because the dangerous waste regulations are complex. It is important to decide whether the violations are serious and could impact you as the customer.

Think about the violations reported for the facility and decide whether they seem serious to you. After all, as a generator you have to comply with the regulations for generating hazardous waste.

Ecology considers violations that threaten, or have potential to threaten, human health or the environment to be “high priority” and serious. Some examples of serious violations include unreported spills, drums or containers without secure lids, and mistakes about waste identification.

Note whether the company has citations for poor waste tracking or for recordkeeping failures for waste shipments. Knowing about your waste from cradle-to-grave is part of your compliance and liability, responsibility, therefore, paperwork management can be critical to you. Facility citations for poor or missing records could impact your compliance as a generator if it calls into question what happened to a hazardous waste shipment.