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Chapter 173-334 WAC
Children's Safe Products - Reporting Rule



Children’s Safe Products – Reporting Rule Chapter 173-334 Washington Administrative Code (WAC) (CSPA Reporting Rule) is authorized by the Children’s Safe Products Act (CSPA) (Chapter 70.240 Revised Code of Washington (RCW)). This rule identifies requirements for manufacturers of children’s products to annually report to the Washington Department of Ecology the presence of Chemicals of High Concern to Children (CHCCs) in children’s products. The CSPA Reporting Rule identifies the CHCCs and details the process for manufacturers to report to Ecology.

The amended CSPA law identifies six flame retardants to be considered for inclusion on the CHCCs list in the CSPA Reporting Rule, (RCW 70.240.035).

Why it matters

Ecology is updating the CSPA Reporting Rule to:

  • Update the rule language and CHCC list after five years of rule implementation.
  • Evaluate the flame retardants identified in the 2016 amendment (RCW 70.240.035).
  • Respond to stakeholder comments on the rule language and list of CHCCs.

Scope of rule development

Ecology and the Washington Department of Health will evaluate six flame retardants and other chemicals against the CHCC criteria. Ecology may propose amending the CSPA Reporting Rule (Chapter 173-334 WAC) to update the CHCC list. Ecology will work with stakeholders to:

  • Determine if these flame retardants should be included.
  • Identify other chemicals that meet the criteria that should be added to the CHCC list.
  • Identify chemicals that may need to be removed from the CHCC list.
  • Streamline the rule to make compliance easier.

The 2016 amendment of the CSPA law restricts the presence of five flame retardants in children’s products and residential upholstered furniture after July 2017. Ecology expects to implement restrictions on these five flame retardants without rulemaking. The five flame retardants are currently on the CSPA CHCC list.

Process of development

Ecology is committed to an open and transparent process where all stakeholders will have many opportunities to express their ideas, opinions, and concerns as the rulemaking process unfolds. Interested parties can participate by:

To learn more about the rulemaking, see:



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