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Chapter 173-303 WAC
Dangerous Waste Regulations


Ecology is updating Chapter 173-303 Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Dangerous Waste Regulations. The rule pre-proposal CR-101 notice was originally filed in the state register February 17, 2016. On February 21, 2017, Ecology withdrew this original CR-101 and immediately re-filed the current rule pre-proposal notice. The purpose for this action is to add three additional federal regulations to this rulemaking.

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(subject to change)
February 17, 2016 Announce original rulemaking (file the CR-101 form).
Fall 2016 Release draft rule language for stakeholder comment and hold 90-day informal comment period.
February 21, 2017 Announce updated rulemaking (file the CR-101 form).
February 2017-September 2017 Develop preliminary draft rule language.
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October 2017
Release draft rule language for stakeholder review and comment. See public involvement page for details.
November/December 2017
Hold stakeholder meetings.See public involvement page for details.
July 2018 Propose rule (file the CR-102 form). Start formal public comment period on proposed rules and supporting economic documents.
August 2018
Hold public hearing(s). Time, place, address to be determined.
September 2018
End public comment period.
Fall 2018
Review public comments and prepare adoption packet.
December 2018
Adopt rule (file the CR-103 form).
January 2019
Rule effective (usually 31 days after filing.)


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