Picture taken by Kim Clark, 2009

Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction

Lasco Bathware Gets Leaner and Greener

The players:lasco1

  • Washington State Department of Ecology environmental technical assistance experts.
  • Impact Washington Lean experts.
  • Over thirty employees and managers from Lasco Bathware.

The focus:

  • Improving efficiency of the packaging, shipping, and vacuum molding processes. 
  • Close examination of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) spraying efficiency and methods.

The project scope:lasco2

  • Lean and Green training.
  • Value stream mapping.
  • Three kaizen (improvement) events to implement Lean and environmental changes.

The results:

  • Reductions in bottlenecks, mold setup time, FRP overspray waste, raw material usage, and energy consumption.
  • Improved product quality for certain fiberglass shower units, and overall layout and organization in the plant.
  • Positive effect on the facility as a whole, with better ergonomics, improved internal communications, and a more proactive stance toward continuous improvement among production staff.  lasco3

Through these Lean and Greeen improvements implemented from May 2006 to January 2007, Lasco can expect to see cost savings of as much as $131,000 per year.  Lasco Bathware expects to save up to an additional $30,000 for other improvements pending implementation, as a result of the kaizen events.  

For more information:

Cristiana Figueroa, Environmental Engineer, cristiana.figueroa@ecy.wa.gov,  360-407-6342
Tony Cooper, Environmental Engineer, tony.cooper@ecy.wa.gov,  360-407-6338
Krassimir Totev, Project Manager, ktotev@impactwashington.org, 425-754-3087