Picture taken by Kim Clark, 2009

Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction

How Can Your Business Get Lean and Green?

The Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) and Impact Washington have partnered to provide expert technical assistance and Lean consulting services to Washington companies. By integrating Lean manufacturing and environmental methods, Ecology and Impact Washington can help businesses improve productivity, increase process efficiencies, and reduce waste. Ecology is committed to working with Washington businesses and organizations to help Lean improve our economy and environment. There is a charge for these services, but grants are available to significantly reduce the costs of the program.

Potential Benefits

  • Increase productivity and lower costs
  • Reduce lead-time and improve quality
  • Reduce inventory and waste
  • Increase available floor space
  • Reduce downtime and changeover time
  • Reduce risk of non-compliance
  • Improve worker morale, health, and safety


Impact Washington will provide the following services, tailored to your needs:

  • Lean manufacturing training
  • Material and information flow mapping
  • Lean improvement workshops
  • Presentation and recommendations to management

Department of Ecology will provide the following services, as needed:

  • Identify and reduce waste of material and resources
  • Identify and reduce risks (e.g., worker health and safety; spills and site contamination)
  • Reduce waste and risk through low-cost, high-impact improvements
  • Free regulatory compliance consultation to support the process changes

Your Company's Investment

  • Commitment of time and employees
  • Commitment to timely project completion
  • Willingness to share select metrics and story
  • Willingness to integrate environmental considerations
  • Commitment to fund 33 percent of Impact Washington service costs for projects under $10,000, and a greater percentage for projects that exceed this amount.

For more information or to learn how the Lean and Green program can benefit your business, contact Impact Washington’s Soraya Dossa at sdossa@impactwashington.org, or the Department of Ecology’s Hugh O’Neill hugh.oneill@ecy.wa.gov.