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Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction

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Pollution Prevention Agencies and Organizations
Pollution Prevention Resource Center
EPA Pollution Prevention
Hazardous Materials Management Magazine
National Pollution Prevention Roundtable

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ISO 14000 InfoCenter
Northeast Business Environmental Network

Industry and Trade Associations
Business and Industry Associations

Clean Manufacturing
Pollution Prevention Technology Reviews (PPRC)
Best Manufacturing Practices
List of clean manufacturing websites
Green Design (UC Berkeley)

Material Data Safety Sheets
Vermont MSDS
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ATSDR--Toxic Substances Portal
TRI Chemical Data
CAMEO Chemicals Database
Ecological Risk Analysis: guidance, tools and applications

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Industrial Materials Exchanges
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Global Recycling Network
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The Cygnus Group--Use Less Stuff
IMEX -- Industrial Materials Exchange, King County

Vendor Databases on the Internet
RCRA Online (Waste Informational Resources)
Thomas Register of U.S. Manufacturers
Chemical Engneering Magazine (including Buyers Guide)
Metal-Finishing.com Suppliers
WaterWiser Service Directory
Metalworking Vendors

Hazardous Waste Information
Hazardous Waste Information

Other Agencies and Organizations
U.S. EPA Region 10 Home Page
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
The Environmental Council of the States (ECOS)
King County Hazardous Waste