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Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction

Local Source Control Partnership

The Local Source Control (LSC) Partnership provides on-site technical assistance to small businesses in order to prevent polluted runoff to Puget Sound and the Spokane River Basin.

By addressing possible causes of pollution at the source of use, technical assistance to small businesses is making a difference. This approach is expected to save businesses money while protecting our state’s water quality. Learn more about Source Control.

The LSC Partnership uses a unique team approach, working with local jurisdictions to protect urban waters in Washington State through source control. Currently, there are 36 LSC Specialists in 22 jurisdictions helping to solve pollution problems and protect urban water quality at the local level.

Local Source Control Contacts
Find contact information for Local Source Control Specialists and Ecology staff.

Related Trainings & Workshops for businesses and citizens. Access archives of technical training Webinars, along with link to other resources. Small and medium businesses may find these especially useful.

Local Source Control Partnership Background History and funding of the LSC Partnership

Environmental Results Program Auto Body Pilot LSC governments and industry partners worked with Ecology in this EPA-funded compliance assistance and pollution prevention program for Washington’s automotive collision repair industry.

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