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Dangerous Waste Basics:

Training, Tools, and Resources

Designate Your Waste—Is It Dangerous? (watch all three parts, or select one below)
Part 1: Get Ready to Designate
Part 2: Assign Correct Waste Codes
Part 3: Review and Wrap Up
Businesses are required to determine whether their waste is dangerous. This video explains the process step by step.
Dangerous Waste Basics—A Guide for Small Quantity Generators
Many Washington businesses generate small amounts of dangerous waste— even small amounts can be harmful. Learn whether your business is a small quantity generator and know the requirements. It’s good to be small!
Dangerous Waste Containers: An Open and Shut Case
Dangerous waste containers must be kept closed except when adding or removing waste. Watch this video to learn more.

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Guide for Dangerous Waste Generators in Washington
Use this quick reference to find out what dangerous waste rules apply according to generator status (small, medium, or large quantity generator). If you’re not sure which category you’re in, learn about generator status.

Shoptalk: Dangerous Waste & Pollution Prevention Newsletter
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Dangerous Waste Regulations
It's helpful to have a copy of the regulations on hand to look up specific dangerous waste topics. Follow the link above to either view this publication as a PDF or request a printed copy.

How to Develop a Personnel Training Plan
Employee training is essential to worker safety and accident prevention.

Step by Step Fact Sheets (click to show all)

Dangerous Waste Emergency Information
Post this information next to each phone in your facility.


Dangerous Waste Regulations Checklist
Perform a self-audit to find problems before you get a visit from an Ecology inspector.

Weekly Inspection Checklist
Make inspecting your dangerous waste a routine so you can identify and address minor issues before they become major risks.

Workshop Presentations

These PowerPoint presentations were originally used in workshops for generators of dangerous waste. Please be advised that this content is not updated.

Introduction to Dangerous Waste (PDF)
Counting Dangerous Waste (PDF)
Dangerous Waste Regulations (PDF)
Inspections (PDF)
Pollution Prevention (PDF)

Ask an Expert

If you have questions, we can help! Contact your regional Ecology office to speak with a Dangerous Waste Compliance Inspector or Toxics Reduction Specialist.