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Storage and Accumulation

Photo: Clean, well managed accumulation area.

Dangerous waste may be accumulated according to the Dangerous Waste Regulations. The waste must be in Appropriate Containers and tanks, and stored correctly.

Businesses may accumulate a certain amount of waste for a certain length of time before they must apply for a permit to store dangerous wastes. Most businesses can accumulate waste on-site, the length of time depends on generator status. If you do not know your generator status, Which Rules Apply? can help you determine this.

Accumulation time begins on the date the waste was first placed in the accumulation container or tank. This is generally called the "accumulation start date." This must be on every dangerous waste container, unless you are a small quantity generator. Be sure to have your wastes transported to a waste management facility before you exceed the accumulation time limit. 

If you have wastes on-site for longer than the accumulation time limit, you must obtain a dangerous waste permit to store your wastes.

Accumulation Time Limits for Dangerous Waste

Generator Status

Small quantity (SQG)

Medium quantity (MQG)

Large quantity (LQG)

Time Limit

There is no time limit.

180 days

90 days

Quantity Limit

Up to 220 lbs. of Dangerous Waste PER MONTH


 Up to 2.2 lbs of acutely hazardous waste  and/ or WT01 dangerous waste PER MONTH

Up to 2,220 lbs of Dangerous Waste PER MONTH

No quantity limit


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