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Frequently Asked Questions About Designating Waste

Q: What is the purpose of the designation tool?

A: The tool will determine whether a waste designates as a federal or state-only dangerous waste.

Q: Who is this designation tool for?

A: Small, medium, and large businesses and local, state, and federal agencies may use this tool.

Q: Why do I need to designate my waste?

A: It is legally required under the Dangerous Waste Regulations, Chapter 173-303 WAC.

Q: Where do I start?

A: Click on the yellow-highlighted Waste tab in the lower left portion of your Excel window. Input your waste name in line 8 and continue to line 18.

Q: How do I answer the questions?

A: Answer each question either "yes" or "no." Any other answer will result in an error message. Call or email your regional contact if you do not know the answer.

Q: Why can't I type information into other places in the tool?

A: The tool is locked except for the yes/no column and recording designation codes column.

Q: Why can't I insert data into the toxics criteria table?

A: The table is locked. Call or email your regional contact if you have questions.

Q: I input a CAS number in the toxics criteria table and "no data" appears. Why?

A: Double check the CAS number, verifying the dashes too. Ecology continues to input chemicals and toxic data into the tool database. Call or email your regional contact.

Q: How do I know that I have completely designated my waste?

A: When you have completed the designation, you will see the words ..Designation Complete.. appear above the applicable waste codes table.

Q: What if I disagree with the designation results?

A: Discuss a fish bioassay with your regional contact.

Q: I do not see the next question I am supposed to answer. Where do I go?

A: Scroll down until you find the next question to answer. Occasionally, your computer screen will not refresh the cell color immediately and may require you to scroll past it and then back up.

Q: I want to go back and change an answer to a question, but when I do, it messes up other answers below it. What do I do?

A: If you decide to change a response to a previously answered question, you need to delete any "yes" or "no" answers you provided to subsequent questions and then re-answer them as requested.

Q: How do I find the specific federal listed codes (P-, U-, F-, K-)?

A: Click the red, underlined text in the Resource Links column for information regarding the specific designation question.

Q: Who do I contact for computer-related questions such as, why won't my computer open the Excel tool?

A: Contact Teague Powell at 360-407-6358 or email him at teague.powell@ecy.wa.gov.