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Washington Dangerous Waste Designation Tool Introduction

  • Do you know what type of waste your business generates?

  • Are the wastes ignitable, corrosive, reactive, or toxic?

  • Are you unsure of what your business can toss in the trash?

Unless the waste in question is exempt or excluded, it must be designated before transportation or disposal.

Ecology presents this designation tool to help your business determine regulated dangerous waste from regular trash. The tool helps you designate your waste in a specific order. Following the steps lets you stop designating at certain points. The tool will confirm when designation is complete.

Do not use this tool for usable products. Usable products are not dangerous waste.

Download and save the Excel file below for each individual waste stream you want to designate. See the left navigation column for Instructions on how to use the tool, Frequently Asked Questions about the tool, Contacts, and other designation Resources.


Disclaimer: The Department of Ecology is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete designations resulting from use of this designation tool. “Designation tool” means the downloadable Excel spreadsheet available from this web page, and all imbedded and associated data. The designation tool is subject to copyright protection and limitation of liability and warranty as specified at http://www.ecy.wa.gov/copyright.html

Waste designation is the responsibility of the generator. To properly use the designation tool to designate waste, a generator must know the contents of the waste and the processes that generated the waste. The generator must also have supporting data about the constituents and concentrations of those constituents in the waste. Use of the designation tool does not shield a generator from the legal consequences of waste improperly designated and managed.

For mixtures of waste, or those wastes where constituent materials are unknown, a bioassay of the waste conducted as specified in WAC 173-303-100(5)(c) supersedes any designation completed using the designation tool.

Technical information and data imbedded in the designation tool are current only to the version date displayed in the designation tool itself . Resource constraints prevent Ecology from updating specific compound information on a continual basis. More recent compound-specific information that may affect the outcome of a designation may exist. The generator is responsible for using the most up-to-date information to designate their waste.

A generator’s use of the designation tool does not alter or impede the ability of Ecology to perform its responsibilities under law and applicable legal authorities to enforce the provisions of state law specifically related to the designation of waste, and other provisions of the state Hazardous Waste Management Act, RCW 70.105.

If you need help or have questions about designation, contact your nearest Ecology office.

For additional information on designation, see Identify and Designate Waste.