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Businesses that generate waste must label it properly. Labels on dangerous waste containers must clearly show:

  1. The words "Dangerous Waste" or "Hazardous Waste".
  2. Risk labels, such as "Flammable", "Corrosive", "Toxic", or "Reactive".
  3. Accumulation start date. Mark the date on the container the first time waste is added to track how long the waste has been on site.

A satellite accumulation area allows you to accumulate waste near the work area where you generate it. Satellite accumulation areas must be labeled with the words "Dangerous Waste" or "Hazardous Waste" and the risk(s), but not the accumulation start date.

Risk Labels Required for Dangerous Waste Containers is a publication that explains this labeling requirement.

The Quick Guide to Dangerous Waste Labeling lists labeling requirements for common types of dangerous waste - all on one handy sheet.

Universal Wastes (batteries, fluorescent bulbs and tubes, and mercury-containing equipment) must be labeled "Universal Waste" and should show the specific type of universal waste (for example, Fluorescent Bulbs).

Regulations for Dangerous Waste Labeling are under Washington State Dangerous Waste Regulations Chapter 173-303-200(c)-(d)Washington Administrative Code (WAC).