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Recordkeeping and Reporting for Small-quantity Generators

Businesses that are required to, or that obtain a RCRA Site ID #, are required to report their dangerous waste annually.

You need to report every year, if you have an active RCRA Site ID #, even if you didn’t generate any dangerous waste that year and even if you are a small-quantity generator. If you do not have and do not need a RCRA Site ID #, you do not need to report.

Report Waste explains how to report. 

Keep Good Records tells which records inspectors will expect for many businesses.

Dangerous Waste Emergency Information Poster can be printed off, filled in and posted for safety.  While this is not a requirement for Small-quantity Generators, it is recommended and includes spill-reporting numbers.

RCRA Site Identification Number is also called the Notification of Dangerous Waste Activities or EPA Number.

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