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If Your Business Generates Dangerous Waste

The amount and, to some degree, the kind of waste a business make determines which rules apply to that business. All businesses that produce dangerous waste are called "dangerous-waste generators." "Generator status" is the term the regulations use for the regulatory category that a business fits into.

To determine generator status, see the chart below. Click the link for guidance on how to follow the applicable regulations for each category.

Amount of Countable Dangerous Waste
Generator Status
Below 220 Pounds of Dangerous Waste and 2.2 Pounds of Acutely Hazardous Waste or WT01 Toxic Waste per month Small Quantity Generators
Between  220 and 2,200 Pounds of Dangerous Waste per month Medium Quantity Generators
More than 2,200 Pounds of Dangerous Waste or 2.2 Pounds of Acutely Hazardous Waste or WT01 Toxic Waste per month Large Quantity Generators

Identify and Designate Waste will help you to learn if your company generates dangerous waste, if you do not know. It also discusses Extremely Hazardous Waste and more. 

Count Dangerous Waste includes measurement methods and describes some would-be wastes, such as recyclable materials, that are not counted towards dangerous waste totals.

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General Requirements for Managing Dangerous Waste provides guidance for dangerous waste generators.